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Understanding your needs and rights as a patient recovering from an injury related to an accident on the job or on the road is difficult. Integrated Medical Care provides an invasive hands-on approach to ensure our patients are getting the treatment they need. Through a diverse team of a medical doctor, physical therapist, nurse, and care-coordinator, your needs are met and advocated for. Our number one goal is to ensure our patients are getting the care they deserve. 

Aquatic Therapy

All patients have differing needs for their treatment in order to rehabilitate. Integrated Medical Care understands, and offers Aquatic Therapy for those in need, especially for those suffering with chronic pain.

Specialist Care

Physical Therapy

Integrated Medical Care is a leader in providing physical therapy care to help patients rehabilitate through their injuries and pain. Our licensed physical therapists provide individualized care for patients and one-on-one sessions to ensure patients are recovering. Our physical therapists can help with the rehabilitation process of:

  • Back & Neck

  • Shoulder 

  • Elbow

  • Hip

  • Knee

  • Ankle & Foot

To provide the best care for our patients we provide a diverse team with various specialties and training:


Pain Management


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