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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during my first visit?

  • We will provide you with all necessary paperwork to fill out

  • We will take a copy of your ID and insurance card for our secure file

  • You will have an initial evaluation by the physician or therapist where you will discuss your injury, pain, and concerns

Why is physical therapy good for me?

Many people are suffering from pain because of their lifestyle. Physical therapy treats the pain and the root cause. Our therapists are experts at treating a diverse set of pain causes.

What types of treatments will I receive?

There are several treatment options available which your therapist will customize for you. Mobilization and movement techniques are crucial to your treatment plans. The therapist may also designate time for aquatic therapy during your treatment.

Who pays for the physical therapy treatment?

In most cases, your health insurance covers the cost of the treatment. If the injury is related to Workers' Compensation or Motor-vehicle Accidents your respective insurance will cover the associated costs. 

What if I was injured in an accident or on the job?

It is difficult to recover after such accidents but Integrated Medical Care provides an all hands-on approach and help you navigate your medical and legal needs. Call us today!

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